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Women in Transition
You do not have to do this alone

Brochure for Women in Transition

Grief Can Complicate Life in Unimaginable Ways

  • Events and decisions are lost because of pain and uncertainty. This is part of the grieving process.
  • Sadly, life will carry ahead and the world around us continues to march on.

What You Can Do 

  • Take care of yourself. Do what you need to do. Let go of some responsibilities, or go for a walk or take a nap.
  • Exercise because it relieves stress and is good for your health.
  • Pamper Yourself; Get a massage or facial.
  • Start a  journal – it may help you understand and express what you feel.

Real Estate Concerns

  • When real estate issues arise they can be daunting.
  • Remember, you are not the first divorcee or widow to face this situation.
  • It is recommended that you consult a licensed real estate agent when dealing with real estate issues.

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